YUEN Method™ Consults

When you experience Yuen Method, be prepared to expand your beliefs for what is possible – and what humans (every one of us) are capable of.

We use Yuen Method exclusively to intuitively connect with the experiences, stories and answers within you related to a particular sensitivity / allergy.   Then we simply delete that effect – on-the-spot – and strengthen your energy so it’s no longer a significant effect in your life.

Each person and situation is different, and there may be more than one “story” to clear, but in general there is no need for long term commitments of time or energy to change the situation.

The YUEN Method™ does not require physical contact or even nearness to the person being consulted.
We can connect at your convenience over the phone, Skype or even email.

Remote or in-person consults have the same effect.    We even consult via email.

The Surrogate Role

When necessary or desired due to circumstances, you can serve as a surrogate for another person or pet whether they are in your presence or not.

Consults with other Practitioners

We can tune into your client – using you as a surrogate  – and offer insights about sensitivities and allergies on both routine and challenging cases to complement your modality or practice.

Ask about special practitioner consulting rates.

Use the Schedule Consultation link at the bottom of the page to schedule a free, no obligation initial consultation via phone or Skype today.

You can also contact us via email using the “Contact Us” link.

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