DandelionAllergies and Indoctrination

What causes allergies?    Simple question.    You’d think after decades and decades of research and observation, conventional and alternative methods would be closer to understanding and ultimately eradicating the very notion of allergies by answering the question of cause.

Yet, they haven’t.

Many children and adults have sensitivities.   From childhood, we’re told allergies are common and allergens are inescapable and all around us.    Adult-onset allergies are commonly discussed by the conventional and alternative medical community – either as first-time or recurring allergies.

The message we internalize is;  sooner or later, allergies are gonna get you

Western culture weaves a web of complexity around allergies;  their detection, categorization and avoidance of the specific allergen(s).  Some use substitution (a co-conspirator of avoidance) and / or just use their energy to suppress – or just live with – symptoms.

In the past, allergies were just about things in the environment – or in the air – but now there is more focus on food allergies and reactions – especially in children.

With so much focus on avoidance – or, in the case of food allergies – avoidance and substitution – we can’t see the forest for the trees.   We accept that the condition is chronic and will never change.

And, if something does change, it won’t change quickly or completely or, the condition could come back.

Do we finally have answers and is there an easier way?

What if allergies are just stories?     And what if we could delete our allergy like files on a computer?

And, can energy modalities like Yuen Method™ help individuals do this deletion?

The Yuen Method™ asserts – there are no physical causes of allergies

Getting Answers

Even alternative wellness practitioners struggle with their own or their client’s allergic reactions from environmental sources such as pollen.

What is a person to do when no one seems to have answers?

The Yuen Method™ has a simple, unique, and straightforward method for allergy elimination – when we simply – and intuitively – get to the right answer(s)

The right answer changes the situation on the spot.
The wrong answer(s) continue to strengthen and maintain the “no change” state or intensifies your symptoms or reaction

Read the blockquote above again.

The real answers (mostly non-physical – i.e. “the story”) reside within our own energy and experiences to discover and resolve.

Every Person is You-nique

We are all body, mind and spirit – and we each have our own story or stories –  told through our energy and the energies around us.

When we look at each person and their stories –  uniquely – and more holistically, instead of lumping everyone together, there is better chance for improvement.

Combining our intuition with energetic testing, we can get answers to the situation and bring immediate benefit.

Final Thoughts

The time for discussion, debate or analysis is over.   The proof is in experiencing real-time shifts and improvement.

So, let’s find the real stories behind your allergy – today.

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