The symptom is the story – and the answer

When we discuss allergies and our reactions to physical substances, foods, even our own internal toxicity, often we assume this is something outside of us causing the reaction.

Most allergy symptoms are simply the physical manifestation of a story from the past

When using energetic testing with Yuen Method, we are open and neutral and consider anything and everything as possible answers in the situation.

Many times, the stories enfolded in the person’s energy make no sense to the person with symptoms.   It doesn’t matter.

The real proof that we’ve “hit the right button” is in the immediate shift in energy that the client can feel “in the moment”, not days later.

Energetic testing with allergies reveals the story comes first
And frequently the story isn’t even OUR story

Stories for Specific Individuals

Common allergy symptoms (let’s take environmental first) are sneezing, watery eyes or runny nose.     Many allergies are triggers about rejecting (sneezing) past experiences or sadness (for things we – or someone in our ancestral chain – have experienced) .    

If the energetic weakness or story comes from our ancestor or descendent from another time/place, we must clear them first, then the energetic effect to us.    When the stories are not ours – we must identify them as such – to fully resolve them.

Let’s look at a few allergy stories from clients:

Allergic to Cats – Killing animals for their furs (skinning them and selling the furs).
You may say “well, I’ve never killed a cat or other animal.”  Well, at this moment – consciously – that’s true.   But your energy says you did it 400 years ago, and it still bothers you.

Sentimental sadness for this action (consciously recollected or not) triggers the symptoms of sneezing (rejecting that we did it) or congestion/watery eyes (crying) as soon as your unconscious or conscious senses a cat or fur nearby.

Allergic to Tree Pollen – Sentimental sadness about trees being cut down.
In the past, this person had a job cutting down trees, or some kind of clear-cutting forest experiences.   Seeing trees bloom immediately triggers  the thought of a tree-less world.

Allergic to Dust – “living in the desert” experiences.
This person’s ancestors have experiences near the desert (tumbleweed) or dust-bowl experiences (no food) they want resolved.
Energetic weakness/trigger related to living in those conditions in the past.

These are just a few of the stories we can uncover with energetic testing.     Occasionally, there are some common threads in allergies, but not as often as you’d think.

If any of the 3 stories above match your story, you should feel a shift – on-the-spot
Lucky you.

Each individual has a story or stories enfolded in their energy waiting to be uncovered.    The story may not make logical sense and may or may not align with the particular belief system a person has.

The person still shifts.

When the person feels a shift in their energy  – on the spot – we know there is truth to the story uncovered

If you’re ready to uncover the  story or stories behind your symptoms, contact Stephen today to schedule a phone or Skype consultation.


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