The Yuen Method™ has a simple, unique, and straightforward method for allergy elimination – when we simply get to the right answer(s)

The right answer strengthens the situation on the spot

Look at the Individual

We need to look at each person uniquely and more holistically, rather than lumping people together.   When we combine our intuition and energetic testing, we can get answers to the situation that bring immediate benefit..

Limits of Conventional Methods

So many people that suffer with allergies for years, even decades.   Evidence compiled from decades of research reveal no new answers to the problem.

We know at the non-conscious level that conventional testing and de-sensitization procedures aren’t the right answer, so it often triggers cumulative collective mental blocks.    

These mental blocks make it more difficult to recover from symptoms.

Our reliance on experts that don’t have the right answers create discouraging and demoralizing energies for us and for collective humanity.

This demoralizing / discouraging energy of expert opinions added to the collective belief from others that these explanations are true – when they’re not – weakens our energy.  Reacting to this loss of energy triggers emotions and this brings in sensitivity to what they just experienced.

Our CNS (Central Nervous System) then becomes confused and we struggle with breathing due to the reactions/emotions causing it – and were not even aware of it.   Then, we think we have difficult breathing due to allergies.

Limits of Alternative Wellness Methods

The alternative wellness community is pretty hit and miss when it comes to allergies.   They claim to get to root causes, but their methods often use the same techniques as the conventional ways.

Common suggestions from alternative sites:

1. Avoid the allergen (remodel your house,  remove rugs,  stay indoors more (pollen), move)
2. Buy a product to help you avoid the allergen (e.g. pillow case)
3. Buy a product that doesn’t contain (substitute) the allergen (gluten-free)
4. Buy a product that collects up (avoid) the allergen (hepa-filters)
5. Accept their “information” saying you should be bothered (more) by something (mold, pollen, dust, exposure to a substance, etc).

Short term, maybe the suggestions above may have an effect,  but long-term, how is “living with” or avoiding the problem helpful?

Why doesn’t anyone ask simply:
How do I become more like Judy over there, who doesn’t react to pollen or gluten or dust mites or mold or anything as far as I know?

Wouldn’t that be a better result?   Shouldn’t deletion be the goal?


The reaction, emotions and sensations triggered by a substance can be suppressed by using mental energy.   Unfortunately, that doesn’t resolve anything – it’s more like avoiding energy … and this triggers all avoiding experiences.

A better use  of that mental energy is to be energetically strong to the situation (not affected by it) & delete the effects of those stories related to sensations, emotions and reactions.

Where does an allergy come from?

Yuen Method™ uses  a triad of <sensations – emotions – reactions> as one clearing tool for allergies, since allergies at their core are past experiences  (either our own or others) causing us to have a physical reaction.

Quotes by Dr. Kam Yuen

From Yuen Method Allergy eBook: “The Yuen Method makes the stand that there are no physical causes of allergies. They are merely emotional reactions to triggers, issues and choices that may be comprised of physical, mental, emotional and/or even spiritual influences. Memories, imprints, or residuals (sentiments) of negative emotions and experiences that we unknowingly carry may trigger these reactions and cause us to live a life that is distorted with allergies, pain and unnecessary disease.

 “Emotional triggers such as suppressed grief, sadness, sorrow, depression and tears all initiate allergic reactions.” 

“Allergies signify initial emotional reactions to various physical substances.  It is these emotions that trigger secondary physical reactions, not the biochemical substances of an allergen. Your allergy could be signaling a warning that there are too many substances triggering initial emotional reactions.”

Final Thoughts

There are solutions to allergic reactions using Yuen Method™.    By getting to the right answers or story with energetic testing, and letting go of and getting neutral to the information and indoctrination, we automatically strengthen our own situation.

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