Welcome to Delete My Allergy!  (The Energetic Way)

DeleteMyAllergy™ is an educational and informational website based on Yuen Method™ principles.

We humans are walking bio-computers – with our energy (or hard drives) enfolded with stories.     What if an allergy was just one of those stories?

And, what if we can delete our allergy like files on a computer? 

If you or someone you know has allergies and other methods didn’t produce immediate results, consider Yuen Method™ and

We will show you how we uncover the real story behind the allergy.  Pinpointing the real story removes symptoms quickly without using avoiding and substitution or conventional testing methods that really don’t deal with the issue directly.

And we can also teach you how to do this for yourself and others.

Yuen Method™ has a unique perspective on allergies found nowhere else.

Allergies aren’t directly related to physical substances but instead come from our experiences in the past.   Resolving these experiences begins with energetically identifying the stories behind the allergy – in order to delete them.

Though other methods might acknowledge the non-physical (prior experience/event) link, they have no method to:

  1. identify the exact experience(s) triggering the allergy
  2. delete the effects of these experiences on-the-spot
  3. shift the energy and consistently manifest immediate improvement

Yuen Method™ does all 3.

Check the energy

Using energetic testing and Yuen Method™, we quickly and precisely identify those experiences and delete them from all 3 aspects of our being – body, mind and spirit.    When the root causes and effects of the allergies are deleted, so are the symptoms.  You should sense a difference in seconds, not hours, days or weeks.

Yuen Method™ is revolutionary, simple, and fast and requires no physical contact or proximity to the person consulted.      If needed due to circumstances, we can use you as a surrogate for another person or even for pets.

Yuen Method can be experienced over the phone or Skype at your convenience.